The Faculty of Education is the leader in producing teachers with excellence in active learning in line with a multicultural society


1. To produce and develop excellent teachers, administrators, and educational practitioners through practical training informed by academic research
2. To develop research and educational innovation addressing the needs of the society
3. To provide academic and research services to communities and societies
4. To support and promote the uniqueness of local and national cultures


The Faculty of Education of Prince of Songkhla University is the second faculty established after the university's foundation on March of 1968 under the Prince of Songkhla University Act. In June 1968, the Faculty started its first semester in its temporary site at Mahidol University, Bangkok, with 58 students enrolled – 33 Sciences major and the rest were Liberal Arts. On November 9, 1968, the Faculty was later moved to Prince of Songkhla University's newly constructed campus at Pattani province. It was the first faculty located in Southern area with 11 teachers headed by Dr.Nop Palakavongsa Na Ayudhya, the first dean. On December 5, 1968, the Faculty had gained its recognition as an official part of the university's organizational unit through a royal decree.


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